Alamosa PCS Lubbock Facility

Alamosa PCS Sales Facility Lubbock

Alamosa PCS Lubbock Facility
Lubbock, TX
1999 AIA Lubbock Award Winning Project

Construction Cost
Completion Date
Corporate Offices
Consultants Used
Hugo Reed and Associates – Civil Engineer
Thoma Engineering – Structural Engineer
CSG Inc. – MEP Engineer
Regional corporate headquarters and showroom for Alamosa PCS, a Sprint PCS affiliate. The design was dictated by the shape of the property, which was a triangular wedge. Therefore the building is a series of stepped triangles with a curved showroom area as the link. The interior layout creates multiple venues for phone and product lines. The facility also contains computer switching facilities, which act as a hub location for cellular service.

Alamosa PCS Sales Facility Lubbock1          Alamosa PCS Sales Facility Lubbock2          Alamosa PCS Sales Facility Lubbock3

Alamosa PCS Lubbock Facility1          Alamosa PCS Lubbock Facility2          Alamosa PCS Lubbock Facility3

Alamosa PCS Sales Facility Lubbock4          Alamosa PCS Sales Facility Lubbock5          Alamosa PCS Sales Facility Lubbock6

Alamosa PCS Sales Facility Lubbock7          Alamosa PCS Sales Facility Lubbock8          Alamosa PCS Sales Facility Lubbock9

Alamosa PCS Lubbock Facility4