LCU Hayes Field Dugouts

LCU Hayes Field Dugouts

LCU Hayes Field Dugouts
Lubbock Christian University, Lubbock, TX

960 sq. ft.
Construction Cost
Completion Date
October 2009
Sports Facility
Consultants Used
SG Blocks – Structural Engineer
The renovation of the LCU Hayes Field Dugouts allowed for more spacious place for the players to participate in the game. The new dugouts were raised to ground level to give the players a more intimate feel with the game. The structure of the dugout utilized recycled shipping modules, a useful and abundant resource in the United States.

LCU Hays Field1          LCU Hays Field2          LCU Hays Field3

LCU Hays Field4          LCU Hayes Field Dugouts          

LCU Hays Field7          LCU Hays Field8          LCU Hays Field9