LCU Eco-Friendly Village

LCU Eco-Friendly Village

LCU Eco-Friendly Village
Lubbock, TX

154,000 sq. ft.
Construction Cost
Completion Date
Planning Only
Self Contained Eco Village
Single Family Housing
High Density Housing
Medium Density Housing
Assisted Living Center
3-Story Retail/Office Center
Community Center
Laundry/Daycare Center
U.S. Mail Office
Geothermal Playa Lake
Creating a self-contained, sustainable village demands examining all the requirements needed for basic sustenance. Furthermore, how can these requirements be met with minimal impact on the environment? By creating a close-knit community where many needs can be met within close proximity, ideally walking distance. Additionally, geothermal lake technology is examined as a means to heat and cool surrounding buildings. The use of hay-bale and rammed earth construction is planned as a method to create a wall system with a low construction cost, with a high insulation value. Finally, recycled shipping containers are also used as a structural skeleton for many of the buildings, capitalizing on an inexpensive and abundant resource.

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