Our firm takes each project from inception to completion with complete attention, involvement and dedication during each phase of the project. Our belief lies in the premise that a successful project results from a hands-on approach. This approach is a reflection of our belief in our firm and its many unique qualities.


We are a firm that embraces the future knowing that change is an opportunity for innovation and growth. Our vision is to provide innovative design and quality service. We want to be a company without boundaries among designers, project managers, and construction administration personnel. We believe every project deserves a strong concept and is an invitation to do something great, an opportunity to think beyond the obvious.

We embrace the opportunity to excel in imagination and quality. Quality is the goal of our highly qualified and motivated staff with unmatched dedication, abundant creativity, and high aspirations. These ideals reflect our business and design philosophy: Honesty, Directness and Simplicity. We strive for these characteristics in our business and also in our design, but equally strive for this philosophy to be apparent to our clients.


Architecture is a method of communication. Buildings speak to us; tell of their inhabitants, and the activities, which take place from day to day. A building can communicate about the region in which it is built, the city, the economy and even the time in which it was built. At times buildings can communicate on stronger emotional levels, touching both the human mind and soul. With this in mind, it is clear the level of responsibility we have as architects to shape our built environment. This is a matter we take seriously, but the excitement and opportunities this creates makes the process challenging, rewarding and fun.


There is only one word that truly defines the SLS Partnership, Inc. Quality. It is a concept, a philosophy, a tradition and a way of life. It stands alone as the simple, complete definition of our firm. It also defines the highly qualified people with unmatched dedication, abundant creativity, high aspirations and traditional values who comprise our firm. We strive every day to bring meaning to the word and prove that someone still cares about it. Quality, along with appropriate design, will be the keynote of this new century.


We take imagination seriously. We believe every project deserves a strong concept. There are not many formal rules, but our primary rule is to approach every assignment as a dare to try the unexpected. Each project is an invitation to do something great, an opportunity to think beyond the obvious.

Sustainable – Green Design

Building sustainable green buildings is just the right thing to do. We believe this firmly at SLS Partnership, Inc. Whether this be through the use of a recycled material such as a steel shipping container, or through passive solar heating system, we are dedicated to the idea of reducing the overall energy signature of a building, and the impact that it has not only on the environment, but on the local community and economy as well. With LEED Certified designers on staff, there is no green challenge too difficult.